Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Week 1- Shopping Trip

Okay, here is my first shopping trip for the Eat from the Pantry Challenge. One goal I set was to shop at only one store and only once a week. I'll be honest, I like going to different stores to get the biggest bang for my buck. I would never drive even ten miles to save a dollar, but if I am running errands and a store with a deal is close then I am stopping. I had put together a great plan of testing out Wal-mart's price matching and doing all of my shopping there. Before I went to Wal-mart I had an appointment with an audiologist and took my daughter to finally shop with her Christmas money. In the process I had to drive past all of the stores I like to frequent. I had a physical pull to just stop at Smith's to get the 5lb of Tillamook cheese for $9.99 and just say that it was okay because it is such a good deal, that was the little devil on my left shoulder talking. The angel on my right shoulder whispered that I might have an addiction problem, with shopping and getting the best deals, and to just keep driving to Wal-mart. The angel won and I feel good about sticking to my goal. Wal-mart does not carry the 5lb. bag of Tillamook shredded cheese so I did not make that purchase this week. Something tells me that I will survive!
Another goal I made was to try to spend only $30 each week. This goal had me concerned from the start. I have to say that my family is very blessed with a freezer full of Elk and ground beef. My In-laws gave us ground beef for Christmas, and I am grateful. I also have a few bottles of chicken that I canned with my pressure cooker back in August. So meat is not going to be a concern this month. I run one of the sites for Bountiful Baskets so I receive a free basket of produce every other week as compensation. Fresh produce is not a need right now either. My problem is that addiction I spoke of a moment ago, and not wanting to miss out on a great deal. I will be rereading the posting 'What if I can't refill my pantry?' to help me get through this trying time. I know, poor me :(
So, with coupons, ads, my shopping list, and a superior assistant (my eight year-old daughter) I took on this challenge.
I did use Pinching Your Pennies to help me make the most out of the sales coupled with my coupons. We have a Ridley's store in our area so I went through that ad, it does not appear on the Pinching Your Pennies site. The nice thing about Ridley's is they keep track of what you spend with them and you receive better discounts as your total spending increases and they mail you an ad with your additional deals.

Here is what I purchased, what I paid, and how I got that price:
2- 1 gallons of 1% GV milk $2.06, not sure who the cashier price matched at $1.89 ea
2- 32 oz. GV yogurt $1.86 - 2$.75 coupon
+ $1.14 ea
4- Sudafed PE $5 ea - 2$5 & 2$4 coupons = $2 total
3- Snuggle 40ct dryer sheets $1.87 - 3 $2 coupons = $.39 profit
2- 2pk lrg rectangle Ziploc containers $2.58 each - $1.50 coupon SS 12/6 = $1.83 ea
5- 20ct Finish dishwasher tablets Wal-mart $4.28, Ridley's $3.68 - SS 12/13 = $1.18 ea
2- 35ct Clorox wipes, Walmart $2.97, Walgreens 2/$5 = $2.50
2- Clorox toilet bowl cleaner $1.88 - $1.50 coupon when you buy wipes. I found this coupon at Smith's on the Clorox wipes at the door for cleaning the carts. = $.38 ea
2- 16oz Oscar Mayer Bologna Wal-mart $2 ea, Smith's 2/$3 - $1/2 SS 12/13 = $1 ea
3- Grandma Sycamore's bread Wal-mart $2 ea, Ridley's $1.59
18pk eggs Wal-mart $2.38, Smith's $1.89
1lb Farmland pork bacon sausage $1.50
Toaster Strudel $2.12, my daughter HAD to have them :)

My total savings with price adjustments and coupons = $53.75.
I paid $36.40.

I blew my budget by $6.40. I can live with it because my daughter was being very good and has been begging for toaster strudels for a very long time. I also got the Ziploc containers to hold baked goods in the freezer so that I don't go through so many freezer bags. Overall I feel good about this weeks shopping. I got great stock items as well as the fresh items we needed for this week. Yeah!
Leave your comments about your success if you are taking the challenge and any tips you have to share.

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