Friday, February 25, 2011


My family has not yet seen Megmind, but I have heard nothing but good about it so I am going to buy it, I usually don't like to buy a movie I haven't seen and know we love first.
Best Buys price:
$19.99 Blu-ray +DVD
$17.99 DVD is still only showing the pre-order prices still this morning. If anyone gets their DVD there,please leave us a comment with the price. I try to get mine at Best Buy because they are usually one of the cheapest and then my purchase credits to my rewards card.

I am going to have one happy girl tonight for movie night, wanna join us?

Netflix: 1 Month Free Trial

Right now Netflix is offering a 1 Month Free Trial!

(Normally only a 2 week trial) You can stream videos through your PC or your TV using Wii, XBOX or PS3. For only $2 get unlimited videos by mail too.

My family has been Netflix members for a couple of years and we love it. I avoid paying extra when we forget to take a movie back. We have the basic package and usually only end up with 3-4 movies, sent to our home, a month, but we use the instant play option a lot more. Plus with a free trial you really can’t go wrong!

Netflix is a great way to watch TV series and they now have many popular series available to stream right through your PC or TV. For television viewing you do need a Wii, XBox, or a DVD player that has the ability to stream from the internet.

Thanks, Fabulessly Frugal.

FREE Appetizer at Chili’s

Dinner just got a little cheaper! Print this coupon for a FREE appetizer at Chili’s!

You must be a member of the Chili’s eClub to redeem. Coupon expires 3/10/2011 and requires purchase of an entree.

Thanks, Fabulessly Frugal.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Like Mission to increase coupon value! Possible FREE Mission Chips!

Like Mission on Facebook and go to the Chips Across America tab to reserve your coupon that will be available on March 4th, 2011! Right now the coupon is only worth $1.50 off but the more Likes that Mission gets, the higher the coupon value increases! If Mission has 15,000 Likes by March 2nd, 8:59 pm PST the value of the coupon will be for a FREE bag! I'll be posting a reminder to head on over to on March 4th to claim your coupon!

Thanks, Rose Knows Coupons!

Best Buy and Barnes and Noble Bambi Diamond Edition Blu-ray/DVD Combo Deals

Disney Movie Rewards is offering a coupon for $10 off Bambi Diamond Edition Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack! Starting on March 1st, Best Buy will have this set on sale for $22.99. Use the $10 coupon and pay only $12.99! You can also price match at Walmart or Target with your Best Buy ad!

Or, if you prefer to shop online:

Barnes and Noble has the Bambi Diamond Edition 2-disc Blu-ray/DVD combo pack for $12.79 when you use the code W3U3X4T at checkout. This movie will ship on March 1st. Shipping will run you $2.98 but if you spend an additional $12.21 you will qualify for FREE shipping!


Thanks, Rose Knows Coupons!

$1/1 Hidden Valley Ranch printable coupon

Submit a review to Hidden Valley Ranch and you’ll be able to print a coupon for $1/1 any size Hidden Valley Ranch bottled dressing.

For my taste buds this is my favorite bottled ranch dressing.

Thanks, Money Saving Mom.

$0.50/2 any Starburst or Skittles Candy

You can now print a coupon for $0.50/2 any Starburst or Skittles candy.
DO NOT hit the back button or your coupon will not print. Once the printing is complete then you can come back here and click a second time for a second coupon.

JoAnn's Online Deals

3 Days Only! FREE SHIPPING on your purchase at
, use promo code FREESHIP58.

We Heart You


Mars Needs Moms Family Quest Sweepstakes!


Text BROCCOLI to DISNEY (347639) for a chance to win!

Enter the Bedroom Makeover Sweepstakes

Enter HERE to win $3,500 toward your dream bedroom from FAMILY.COM ULTIMATE BEDROOM MAKEOVER SWEEPSTAKES ending March 6, 2011. You can enter daily.
The winner will be announced on the site on or around March 31, 2011.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Quick Reminder

If you want to order a Bountiful Basket then today through tomorrow 9pm is the time. The have an Asian pack, several breads, citrus pack, and strawberries. When I picked up my basket on Saturday the strawberries looked really good.

Living Social: 2 Year Subscription to Whole Living and Everyday Food $10

Get a 2 year subscription to both Martha Stewart Whole Living and Everyday Food for just $10! That’s just $2.50 a year per magazine!

* If you’re new to Living Social, sign up here and get a $5 credit to use toward your 1st purchase. You’ll find this deal under East Valley, AZ.
* Or head directly to the Martha Stewart magazine deal.

You are able to grab this deal even though you're not in Arizona. Arizona sounds quite wonderful right now.

Thanks, Give Me Neither.

Kids Eat Free at Chili's

There are only 2 days to get FREE kid's meals at Chili's! For each adult entree purchased on 2/21 and/or 2/22, you can receive up to 2 free kid's meals!
If you were wanting to take a night off from cooking or just want to go out to lunch for the holiday this could be the deal you.

Thanks, Utah Deal Diva.

Money Tree

I was disappointed that there were no Smart Source coupons in Sundays paper, but then I found and decided to check out the Herald Journal Money Tree. On the back page of section C they offer a limited number of gift cards you can get for a discount, first come serve basis. The majority of the cards are for $25 and you pay only $17, that is a 32% discount. They did have one gift card for Anderson Seed, you pay $34 for a $50 gift card. With the spring planting around the corner I knew this would be a good one and would go quickly, but I gave it a shot.
73 min! later, of constant dialing, I heard ringing and a hello! It felt like I had just won the game!!! Of course the Anderson Seed card was the first one to go at 9am. That's okay, I got a $25 gift card for $17 that makes me happy.

The Money Tree savings is offered routinely, not sure when the next one is though, so if you call and don't get the ONE you want then there is always next time. There are a couple of rules; you can only purchase one gift card per phone call and only four gift cards per household. You pay for it over the phone and then you may pick it up on Wednesday afternoon at the Herald Journal.

These gift cards make great gifts or just a way to save on going out to eat with your friends and/or family. Make sure you have some time, but the savings is worth it. They still have more available today. If you don't receive the Sunday paper then call 752-8015 and ask what is still available.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Lime Scented Strawberry Mango Salad

Mangoes . . . yummmm! I was talking to a friend this morning who reminded me of this recipe. Along with my ADD, or a side effect of it is, I forget things easily. I went to my good friend, Google, to look up this recipe and I was pleasantly surprised that the fourth entry for this recipe was found here on my blog from last April. I am reposting the recipe because it is a great side dish or dessert.

Lime Scented Strawberry Mango Salad

3/4 Cup Sugar
2 tsp grated lime zest
1/4 Cup fresh lime juice
3 cups trimmed, sliced strawberries (about 2 lbs.)
3 cups peeled, diced mangoes (2 to 3 large mangoes)
1/3 cup water

Combine sugar and water in a small saucepan and bring to a boil over high heat, stirring occasionally. Reduce heat to medium-low and simmner until sugar has dissolved, about 3 minutes. Remove from heat and let cool. Stir in lime zest and juice; let cool to room temperature.

Mix strawberries with mangoes in a large bowl. Add syrup and gently stir util well mixed. Refrigerate at least 30 minutes or until ready to serve.

Serves: 8

You can read the previous post for the nutrition facts.

Keeping Produce Fresh Longer

I am off to go pick up my produce basket that I ordered through Bountiful Baskets and saw this posting by Utah Deal Diva, how appropriate. I wanted to share her good information. With costs rising any helpful tips are welcomed at my house.Here is what she posted:

Being as the price of produce may drastically increase in the next week, I thought it'd be helpful to share a few tips as to how to keep produce fresh longer. By taking a couple extra steps when you bring your produce home, you can extend the life of your fresh goods by as much as a week or two! Below I've listed several common fruits and vegetables and ways to prolong their shelf life. If you have tips to share, please leave a comment and I'll add them to the list!

Apples & oranges: will stay fresh in fridge for 3-4 weeks. Don't store other produce in the same place as apples in the fridge as they give off a gas that causes other produce to ripen quickly. {Oranges don't seem to be affected, so I store them together.}

Asparagus & celery: Wash & cut off ends. Store in a container with stalks standing upright with a little water on the bottom.

Bananas: Buy small bunches in varying stages of ripeness. Break up bunches and store on the counter in a container that allows for good air circulation. I have a wrought iron basket that works really well.

Berries: Store in fridge. Berries just don't last very long, period, unless you opt to freeze them. However if you wash them, they spoil faster, so opt to wash just those that you'll eat immediately. Also be sure to pick out any moldy berries immediately as they will cause others to spoil faster.

Broccoli & cauliflower: Will stay fresh in the fridge for about 10 days. If you opt to freeze, you'll need to blanch them first which is a very easy process detailed here.

Green onions: Slice them and store them in a container with a folded up paper towel. They'll stay fresh for about 10-12 days this way.

Lettuce & spinach: Wash & dry leaves. Store leaves in a loose but closed bag or container with a folded up paper towels. The towel absorbs the moisture and leaves stay fresh longer.

Mushrooms: Store in the fridge in a paper bag. Will stay fresh for about a week this way. {Keeping them in the container you bought them in makes them slimy within 2-3 days.}

Onions: Will stay fresh in a cool, dark place for 3-4 weeks. You can also dice them and freeze them for use beyond that time frame.

Pears: Store in fridge until ready to eat. Once they're out on the counter, they'll ripen within 2-3 days.

Potatoes: Open bag they came in and store in a cool, dark, dry place. I store mine in a cupboard in my garage- they keep for 5-6 weeks!

Click here for basic information about Bountiful Baskets.

Border's Update

Today I was in town and there it was . . . . the big yellow 'STORE CLOSING' sign. I went in to check it out. Most everything was 20% off, romance novels are 30% off. There was a crowd of people browsing and the check out line was long!

Here is my thought. If there is a book you have really been wanting then run in and get it for 20% off before it is gone. I am personally going to wait for the deeper discount and then go searching for a great book at a great deal. It will be like my own safari hunt, and I will enjoy whatever it is that I 'bag'!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Borders in Logan is Closing

When I heard that Borders was filing for bankruptcy I told my daughter that they would close our store and sure enough I read that very fact in the Herald Journal. They reported that clearance sales could start as early as this week. I don't have any more information than that, so if you learn anything please share with the rest of us in the comments section. I am sad, I love going into the store with friends to look at all the pretty books and picking out a new one to come home with me.

I am tired of companies closing their stores in Cache Valley!

I am feeling a girls trip to Borders coming on, wanna join me?

Rare: Diet Coke Coupon!

Print your $1/2 Diet Coke 20 oz. products coupon! This may not last long!

Thanks, Mommies With Cents.

Veggie Tales: $5 DVD Sale!

Head over to the Veggie Tales site and check out the sale on DVDs that they are having right now. There are a bunch of titles for just $5, including:

* An Easter Carol VeggieTales DVD
* The Wonderful Wizard of Ha’s VeggieTales DVD
* Sheerluck Holmes and the Golden Ruler VeggieTales DVD
* Tomato Sawyer & Huckleberry Larry’s Big River Rescue VeggieTales DVD
* Sweetpea Beauty VeggieTales DVD
* and many more!

Get free shipping on orders over $40 when you use the code SHIP2011 at checkout.

Thanks, Moms Need To Know.

$2.99 for Two Chick Flicks

I hope you printed off your DVD coupons on Tuesday when I told you about them because they are no longer available. If you did here is what I paid for my DVDs.

Shopko has Ever After for $3.99 this week. Using my $3 off coupon from and I have myself a $0.99 movie! I got mine today = two happy girls at my house!

Walmart has 27 Dresses for $5 minus my $3 off coupon and I have a $2 chick flick.

Shopko has a good selection of $3.99 movies right now. These are the prices that people fight for DVD the day after Thanksgiving. Start your Christmas shopping right now or birthday gifts for the year. Walmart and Shopko had clearance tables and racks all over their stores today.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What I Learned at My Ridley's

I ran to get a few items from the PYP list that I previously blogged about. My Ridley's did not have all of the same sale items that the Orem store had.

Items I found not on sale:

* 3pk Jolly Time popcorn
* Ivory 3pk soap
* Yoplait Greek yogurt

There could be more, but those are items I was looking for.

Item's I bought:

* Yoplait yogurt, remember the first ten are the sale price.
* Tony's version of hot pocket, these were a screaming deal at $.60 each with your .50/2 SS-2/13 coupon.
* The $5/10 deals are great, I took advantage of this deal too.

I love that Ridley's tells you your total savings broken down into categories. Your frequent shopper savings, coupon savings, and enhanced promotions savings. Enhanced savings is like the $5/10 General Mills savings.

I spent $30.12 and my total savings was $43.43. I love when I save more than I spend!

***FYI, You can pre-order 40lb of chicken for $59 to be picked up starting 3/1. This is going to be a one week sale. The chicken becomes $1.48lb.

If you have a pressure cooker you can bottle the chicken to save on freezer space. You can read a previous post about bottling chicken HERE. My girlfriend just bottled her chicken breasts whole, not cut up like I have, and it turned out great and saved time!

Last month I made freezer meals and found a fabulous teriyaki chicken recipe. I will be doubling the sauce next time and I froze a combination of veggies to pull out at the same time to heat up with my chicken. Recipe is here.

Leave a comment if you have any good chicken freezer meals for us to try. Thanks!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ridley's Deals - 2/15 - 2/21

Pinching Your Pennies actually has a listing of Ridley's deals. Unfortunately, they are geared for their Orem store and they had a double coupon day. They still have, as far as I can tell, the same sale prices as my local Ridley's and coupons are listed. Just remember that they are showing the final price as if you had been able to double the value of the coupon. For instance the Yoplait yogurt is shown as $.17 each and they will actually be $.24 each. That makes the yogurt half off the regular price, when you purchase 10.

Bountiful Baskets

I almost forgot to order my Bountiful Basket! They have tortillas to order this week, they are so yummy. You do have to finish cooking these one, which makes them even better. I also ordered the mango pack, we love them. The do have a strawberry pack, a citrus pack, nine grain bread, and granola to order as extras.

Remember, you only have till 9pm tonight, Tuesday, to order for this Saturdays pick up.

Get a FREE* HASBRO Card Game has a printable coupon for a free card game with the purchase of a Hasbro game for $9.99 or more. I have heard from several people that the Monopoly card game is a lot of fun. I like inexpensive, fun family activities and purchasing two games for $10 equals many nights of family fun.

I also saw several DVD coupons, also at, like:

Grown Ups
The Karate Kid
Ever After
27 Dresses (I believe this is a $5 movie at Walmart)
Mr. & Mrs. Smith
And a few others

Another DVD coupon was Eat, Pray, Love. You can use the $4 off coupon, purchase 2 jars of CLASSICO products and then receive a $4 rebate by mail. Print your REBATE HERE.

New Kraft Coupons!

If these are products that you use then they will be worth using your printer ink for. I would hurry and print these Kraft and Nabisco coupons from before they are gone! These are rare and will not last long!

$.75/1 Miracle Whip

$1.00/1 Kraft Mac & Cheese 5-pack

$1.00/1 Velveeta Product

$1.00/2 Ritz Spring Crackers

$1.00/2 Oreo Spring Cookies

$1/2 Crystal Light on the go products

Thanks, Fabulously Frugal.

New P&G Coupons, By Mail!

Request the following coupons from a new P&G site at (will be sent by mail):

$1 off Always Infinity Product
$1 off Charmin MegaRoll
$1 off ONE Charmin Freshmates Tub
$1.50 off CoverGirl LashBlast Fusion Mascara
$1 off Crest Toothpaste 4.0oz or larger
$1 off Oral-B Satin, Glide Floss 25M or more or Glide Floss Picks 30 ct or higher
$1 off Crest Rinse 946mL or larger
$1 off Downy Product
$1 off Febreze Set & Refresh
$5 off Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razor
$2 off Head & Shoulders Shampoo
$7 off Olay Pro-X face moisturizer
$2 off ONE Olay Facial Cleanser
$2 off Pampers Diapers or Pants
$2 off Pantene Product
$0.50 off Puffs Product
$3 off Secret Clinical Strength Product
$5 off Swiffer WetJet Starter Kit
$1 off size Tide Detergent

These may possibly be the same coupons as the coupon booklet, but a different offer!

You are also able to request the following from P& (if you haven’t yet this quarter):

FREE sample of CoverGirl Natureluxe Silk Foundation
FREE sample of Always Ultra Thin and Dri-Liners Plus
$1 off Cheer coupon
Thanks, eeendeavors.

New Smith's Instant Win Game

There's a new instant win game over on the Smith's website. Register or Log in here, then follow the prompts to play. The game runs until 2/28, so log in each day for a chance to win. Each person can win a total of 2 times. The prize you win loads directly onto your Smith's Fresh Values card.

The prizes are mainly grocery items like Oreo cookies, Breyers ice cream, Oscar Mayer items, Yoplait yogurt, Ritz crackers, etc.

Thanks, Utah Deal Diva.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Amazing Friends!

I had no idea that I have so many friends who are amazing! I just found my friend Deb Reynolds blog where she showcases yummy recipes, digital scrapbooking template, and her photography. If you are looking for inspiration then head on over to Deb Reynold's Designs.

My friend Suzi has been making great purses and skirts for a very long time and sells them throughout the world. I personally love that you can get a great handmade, very unique purse that you won't see everyone carrying around town. You can check her out HERE. Check out her blog too.

My friend Cynthia and her friend Jennifer have a great jewelry business and you can check out their blog HERE. Their prices beat everyone else that I have seen. I will let you know of the next show they will be at.

Lisa Clawson has this yummy blog with tons of recipes. I am a foodie! I also love finding new recipes. My ADD gets bored with repetitive menus, okay it's my taste buds that motivate me, but I do love cooking up something new. Lisa and I have worked in PTA together and been on trek together, so while we don't 'hang out' together I do think of her as my friend.

I know I have more amazing friends and I will get you their information so that you can check them out too. Leave me a comment if you have a blog that you want to share with the rest of us.

Free Brownie Sundae from Chili's

Chili's has this coupon for you to use by February 10th. You will get a FREE brownie sundae with meal purchase!

Thanks, Pennie Pinching Mom.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Jenny Phillips Music

I have just recently learned that you can purchase some of Jenny Phillips music in bulk at a great discount. If you work with the Young Women or Primary then you can order We Believe for the YW or I Know the Scriptures are True NEW!, Primary 2011 Theme CD. She has many other great items as well.

Check out her site.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Redbox Code - 2/7 Only!

On the first Monday of every month Redbox texts a code to my phone. This is the first month that my Husband and I received the same code. After looking into it, Redbox is sending out just one generic code that is good for everyone. If you have more than one credit/debit card then you can use it once per card. You can sign up for this service at

For those of you who have not yet signed up here is today's code: FEB7MOVIE

Enjoy your free movie night!

Disney Movie Rewards

A couple of weeks ago I went through all of my DVDs to make sure that the correct movie was in the correct case. I'm sure you all of your movies are correctly put away, the little gremlin that causes DVD chaos only visits my house. Anyway, I was surprised to find Disney Reward codes still in some of my cases. I found 600 points to be added to my account!

A few months ago I turned in 500 points to receive a years subscription to the Disney Family Fun Magazine. It is a double winner at my house since my nine year old likes crafting as well as I do. In the past I have received movies and CDs with my points.

Never heard of the Disney Rewards Program? This is a great rewards program... especially if you have kiddos that love Disney movies. Basically every time you purchase a Disney DVD or go see a Disney movie at the movie theater you earn points. You find a code inside your DVD case that you will enter online and watch your points tally up. Once you've earned enough points, you can then redeem them for a reward! They have lots of different rewards available from electronics to toys, DVDs and more!

Signing up for your account is easy and free.

Free Cinnabon Instant Cream of Wheat Sample

Click here for your free sample. Don't forget to print the $1.00 off coupon as well.

Thanks, Every Penny Counts.

Check Out Pinching Your Pennies

Pinching Your Pennies
constantly is adding new deals daily on their site. Right now they are featuring a custom made t-shirt for the cost of shipping ($4.41), printable Valentine activities, 2011 Entertainment® Book, and more.

Bountiful Baskets

Today through tomorrow, 9 pm, you can sign up for your Bountiful Basket.

I have order 4 of the last five weeks and we eat soooo much better when I do order my basket. The savings on the produce is wonderful.

If this is your first time hearing about Bountiful Baskets then click here to read a previous posting with more information about this service.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Good Deals at Smith's

I quickly looked over the Smith's deals through PYP and they have a big selection of 5 red star items. Go check out what you need to stock up on HERE.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Valentine Ideas

Over at eighteen25 they have this cute Valentine card idea and many more. Check them out if you are in need of an idea.

Leave a comment with any other great ideas you have to share.

Printable Cheerios Coupon

I know that I used to print a lot of coupons, but I am not a huge fan of them anymore. I would print out many coupons that would never get used, waste of precious ink! I do print one out every now and then if it is something I need and already use regularly. I don't print to try something new. A lot of the printable coupons have already been sent to me in my Sunday coupon packs as well.

Okay, all of that said, this is a good coupon in my book. Cereal is outrageous in price these days and if you catch a sale and couple it with your coupon it becomes affordable. Besides, YUM! I love cinnamon, period. **After you print your coupon click the back button for a second one :-)

Thanks, Utah Deal Diva for the info!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Heart Filled Cupcake

This is the funnest recipe I have found for Valentines. I will be making these with my daughter! Read the directions and find the recipe here.

Win a Bosch!

Everyday Food Storage is a great resource for keeping cost down on feeding your family and stocking up on your food storage. This month she is giving away a Bosch, I would love one. If you are interested then click here to enter the drawing. You do need to sign up for her newsletter and 10 Day Challenge class, both are free and full of useful information.

If you have not made the bread recipe from Everyday Food Storage, you are missing out on an easy delicious recipe. Read more on my bread making success here and here. Get the recipe here.

Redbox has a new promotion available….

Couponing to Disney has a posting giving the details to get a free Redbox rental. Click here to read all of the info.

Avocado Salsa

I LOVE this salsa! My husband and I have been known to eat it for lunch, a bag of chips, a cool drink and we are happy. This would make an excellent Super Bowl treat this weekend. With the tomatoes, avocados, and chips on sale this week you may as well give it a try.

4 med/lrg avocados, diced
4-8 roma tomatoes, diced
1/2 purple onion, diced
cilantro, chop as much as you like
chopped olives
can of sweet niblet corn
2 limes
garlic powder
season salt
red pepper flakes

Mix the first six ingredients together. Green Giant makes the corn that I use, it is a small can and I believe it is white corn. I don't always use the corn though. Squeeze the lime juice into the bowl. Add the garlic powder and season salt a bit at a time, stir together, give it a taste test, continue this process until it is perfect for your happy taste buds. The pepper flakes don't always make into the salsa either, just depends on who is enjoying it.

Truly, the amounts are subject to your personal taste buds. I will say that the purple onion gives it such a great bite and flavor. I made a batch of this last weekend, when my 21 yr old saw me cutting the onion he said 'yuck', when he took his first bite he said 'yummm'. I told him it was that purple onion that was making his taste buds happy.

It is not only a great chip and dip, but it is fabulous on your tacos, burritos, sandwiches, wherever you would like it! Enjoy!

Ridley's Deals - 2/11/2011

My Ridley's ad just arrived in my mail. There are several items that I intend to go grab as soon as I am done with this posting. I have a previous posting on how Pinching Your Pennies works, you can read it here, remember the deals talked about are from May 2009.

I use PYP when I'm creating my shopping list because it takes so much time out of finding the deals. Today I'm applying their info to my Ridley's ad to help me shop local and still get the great prices. Here is what I won't be missing out on this week:

Bar S franks $0.99, RP 1/30, $1/2 = $0.49 each, wyb2
Johnsonville Brats 3/$10, SS 1/23 $1/2 = $2.84 each, wyb2

Ridley's 2lb loaf of medium cheddar cheese $5.29, $1 off here
WF/Ridley's 32oz. shredded cheese $4.99, $1 off here
WF sour cream, 10oz, $.77
WF creamery select ice cream 48 oz $2.28

Avocado, medium, 2/$0.88
Roma tomatoes $.068 lb
Yellow, Orange, Red bell peppers $0.99 each

Red Baron Pizza, 12" or single serve, 2/$5, SS 1/23 $.75 on single serve = 2/$3.50 single serve pizza

McCormick Grinders, .77-2.12 oz, $1.49, RP-1/2 .75/1, $0.74

Don Julio Chips $.88 each

Colgate Toothpaste, 6.4 oz, $1.00, SS-1/30 .75/1 = $.25

NyQuil or DayQuil, 6 oz. Liquid, 10 ct. Caplets or 12 ct. Liquicaps, $4.47, PG-1/16 and PG-1/30 $1.50/1 = $2.97

There are many more great Ridley's deals, these are the ones I will be grabbing. I HATE when someone at my house is sick and I have to run to the store and pay full price for a remedy. I try to stock up ahead to get the best deal and have it ready when it is needed.

In case you are new to coupon abbreviations here is some help:
SS = Smart Source
RP = Red Plum
PG = Proctor & Gamble
wyb2 = when you buy two
1/30, or any number combination = the date that coupon pack was delivered