Thursday, January 21, 2010

Baking Success!

The bread came out of the oven looking so good and the feel of the loaf is tender soft, unlike any bread I have taken out of my oven before. I am so congested that my smeller is not working. I love the smell of fresh baked bread. It truly is a comfort smell just as eating the fresh bread is a comfort food.

It gets better! As I sliced the bread I was amazed at how soft and moist it was. Everyone was loving it at my house. I made two loaves of wheat and one loaf of white. My son who is not the biggest fan of wheat was enjoying a fresh slice. You have got to try it.

Click HERE to read the recipe posting.

The next bread on my list to make is Cinnamon Drop bread. Yummmmm! I have found a site to order the cinnamon chips, 12oz for $3.50. A $65 order receives free shipping, anyone want to order with me? I haven't checked out everything they have to order yet. Check out The Prepared Pantry and see if there is anything else you would like and we can all put in a big order with free shipping.

Thanks Everyday Food Storage. I bought her I Can't Believe It's Food Storage recipe book/guide last summer and I love it! It is only $12.21 on Amazon.


  1. Me: What beautiful bread you have grandma! You: All the better to share with you my dear! ;)

  2. I would love some cinnamon chips! Count me in.