Friday, January 7, 2011

Back in the Coupon Shopping Groove

(New York Groove tune) I'm back, back in the Coupon groove!

I have been coupon shopping in the past nine months, not as much as I would have if I had been running this blog. Since my last posting my husband has experienced a second lay-off and is currently looking for work. I am a good frugal shopper, but I know I have missed out on some great deals.

I need to make some updates, give me a couple of weeks as I have many ideas I would like to put in action. My family will be my first priority and my church calling the second priority. The fact that my family is my first priority is in part what has made me realize that posting on the blog is needed to keep me on top of the deals out there.

I need to tell you that I sooooo have ADD. What that means, for me, is that I tend to give all of my attention to one project and neglect another. I will not give all of my attention to this one, but I will do my best to not neglect it either.

I love to save money and time while enjoying life. Share this site with your friends and family so we can all save together.

I'm back, back in the Coupon groove!