Saturday, January 9, 2010

Good Tip - Creative Food Storage Options

My Food Storage Journey had this great posting on how she and her husband have been storing their food storage while living in a small space. I love it and wanted to share it with you. You may not want to do this to s teenage son's bed, he will eat it all, but you could store no food items under your kids beds. I think my daughter would love if her bed was raised, a princess fell to it. This would also cut down on the the under-the-bed pile up of lost shoes, books, homework. I see this as a 'Good Thing'!

Looks like an ordinary bed right??

But underneath is this....

Our bed sits on top of a giant storage box with seven different compartments. 6 square compartments and on long rectangular section running down the middle. He made it himself and it takes down easily if we ever move so we can take it with us!!

Each square compartment holds 4 five gallon buckets (24 total) or 32 (yep.... 32) #10 cans (192 total). I'm really looking forward to filling this thing up. The center rectangular compartment can also hold quite a bit. I will probably put #10 cans in there as well after the other sections are filled up. I'm estimating the center compartment can hold about 80 #10 cans as well.

Now I just have to make a bedskirt to match my bedding which will hang down and conceal the storage boxes.
I absolutely love my husband for being so creative and helping me to build our food storage!!


  1. Way to go Tim! My mom has bought the round table tops for the decorative side tables. She has stacked up her #10 cans, put the table top on and covered it with table clothes. You'd never know her night stands and end tables by her couch are actually food storage!

  2. Let me say that I copied this post from 'My Food Storage Journey' and she and her husband made the storage. I just really like the idea so I wanted to share it with everyone. I haven't even showed it to my hubby yet.