Friday, January 15, 2010

Disney Movie Rewards Birthday Blu-Ray

Disney Movie Rewards offers you a free* Blu-ray movie on your birthday.

When you signed up for your account, you were asked to enter your birth date. On your birthday, Disney Movie Rewards will send you an email with an image like the one below. It will include a code for 25 points. Just log into your account and enter the code and you will get credit for the 25 points. On that page, you will see a banner indicating that you now qualify for your birthday Blu-Ray. You get to choose from Enchanted, Ratatouille, High School Musical 2, National Treasure or Game Plan. Shipping is $2.95.

Here is the image that appears in the email:

You can not register without entering your birth date, so you should see this email on your birthday too!

Thanks, Couponing to Disney.

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