Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Week 3 - Shopping Trip

I am very happy to say that this week of the Eating from the Pantry Challenge was FAR MORE successful in keeping to my financial goal! I did go to 2 stores though. I had to go to the bank inside of Macey's and I decided to check some of their prices with Walmart's, and then I shopped.


6 boxes of Sunbelt Granola Bars 3/$5, 3-BOGO coupons, Total $5 for all six boxes
5 Yoplait Yo-Plus 4 pack yogurt, $1.50, 5- $1/1 coupons General Mills-1/3, Total $.50 ea.
Farmland 1lb sausage, $1 ea.
2lb medium cheddar cheese, $4.99, $1/1 coupon, Total $3.99
5 boxes Quaker instant oatmeal, $1.78, in ad coupon $3/5, $1/1 Quaker coupon (FF link), Total $.98 ea.
2- Cokes, $1, $1/1 coupon, Total- FREE

Grand Total $19.46
Coupon Savings $17.00
5 cents off per gallon of gas as well, every little bit helps.

Wally World

2 gallons milk, price matched at $1.89
2 bottles of Tabasco, $1.25, $.50 printable(print two), Total $.75
Franks Hot Sauce, $.96, $.50 printable, Total $.46
8 bottles of La Victoria Salsa, $2.14, $4/2 coupon, Total $.14 ea.
4 boxes of Barnum's animal crakers (these are Nabisco products), $1 ea., $2/2 printable (FFlink), Total- Free
200 Equate Ibuprofen, $4

Grand Total $11.97
Coupon Savings $21.50

Today's Grand Total $31.43
Coupon Total $38.5o

My eight year-old was disappointed that I went over the $30 budget, I laughed. Personally I could not be happier with what I spent and that I even got some stock up items!

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