Saturday, January 9, 2010

Recycle Bank Rewards: 10 $1/1 Coke Coupons, FREE!

I thought that I had a previous posting for Recycle Bank, but I can't find it. I received my 10 $1 off coke products coupons in the mail today. It was a good pay of for a few minutes of work. I LOVE FREE!

UPDATE:They’ve since raised the price of the Coke coupons to 20 points each, but the fantastic news is they’re actually good on ANY Coke product, so that includes the single-serve bottles and 2 liters.

Have you heard of Recycle Bank? They are essentially a recycling program that rewards you with points. You can redeem your points for all kinds of things, like

Right now, when you join recycle bank, you'll receive 100 points. And right now 100 points will buy you lots of juicy coupons! For example, 10 $1/1 any Coke product coupons! There are lots of other coupons as well!

Here's how to earn 100 points and get your coupons:

1) Go here and sign-up.

2) Then return to the Recycle Bank website and sign-in.

3) Go to "Get Rewards"

4) To get the Coke coupons, go to Grocery and Food, then Beverages

5) Add to your cart and select the amount (100 points will get you 10)

6) Submit your order and your coupons will arrive by mail!

The coke coupons could easily get you free Coke products! If you are not ordering the Coke coupons and find some other great coupons, let us know what you find!
Thanks, Money Saving Madness.

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