Monday, January 11, 2010

Walgreen's Deals - Guest Post

Today I went into Walgreen's with my friend Ginger. She had prematurely purchased her items for the J&J Rebate, your purchase needs to be made between January 10th and February 5th, so she went in to take advantage of the sale on these items for her rebate. When she had purchased her earlier items she went to Walmart with coupons and received less than half of the J&J products she purchased today for a few dollars more than she spent today. (We did some bad math and needed a couple more dollars of Loreal product purchased to get the $5RR, I think I will carry a calculator with me from now on.) She returned the unopened product to Walmart today.

Here are my shopping deals for today! Thanks again for your help at Walgreen's. :)


Order #1

Colgate toothbrush $2.99
Loreal Foundation $11.49
Loreal Blush $6.99

$2.00 coupons for each of the Loreal products
$0.75 coupon for the toothbrush

Total: $16.72 plus $2.00 RR from Colgate

$6.40 Walgreen's advertised savings
$4.75 manufacturer coupons savings

Order #2

4 Scrubbing Bubbles Cleaner, buy one get one free $3.59 for 2
1 Aveeno Shampoo, buy one get one half @ $7.49
1 Aveeno Conditioner, buy one get one half @ $7.49
6 Lubriderm Lotion, buy one get on half @ $7.99 includes bonus trial size lotion

$0.75 coupon off 2 of scrubbing bubbles
$2.50 coupon off shampoo
$2.50 coupon off conditioner
$2.00 coupon off each lotion
$2.00 RR from order #1
$3.00 RR from previous shopping trip
$12.00 off Lubriderm Lotion (buy 1 get 1 50%)
$3.75 off Aveeno Hair Care (buy 1 get 1 50%)

Total: 34.44

$22.93 Walgreen's advertised savings
$23.50 manufacturer coupons savings

Order #3

Colgate toothbrush 2.99

$0.75 coupon

Total: $2.44 plus $2.00 RR from Colgate


12 La Victoria Mild Salsa $2.33

6 - $4.00/2 printable coupons from LaVic Rewards

Total: $3.96 + tax

Each jar was 33 cents!

Today made a total of $53.00 savings just in manufacturer coupons! That is well worth the $18 a month for my newspaper subscription!

The J&J product coupons as well as the cleaning supply coupons can be found in SS 1/10. You can print J&J coupons HERE.
I would love to show off your great deals to! Email me at

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