Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bountiful Baskets- Order Today

This is a reminder to order your basket as soon as the site has them available. Last time they were sold out in a matter of hours and I know many people who regularly order who were left without a basket or they went to Mendon. They are adding 10 more baskets to our site and we may be going weekly soon, I just don't know for sure when. People are hearing more about the co-op and recognizing what a value it is for your $.
I just found out that the two ladies who started this program and still run it are also volunteers. They are amazing in my opinion. We do run on volunteers and I personally am very grateful for all of you who come and help me!!!

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  1. It's because we love you and love that you were the one willing to be in charge and tell the rest of us what to do! :)