Saturday, January 2, 2010

Eat From the Pantry Challenge - Game On!

'Money Saving Mom' and 'Life as Mom' blogs have gotten together and issued a challenge to live off of what you have in your pantry and freezer.
In January they want to use up inventory and get some rotating of their food done.
I had been talking to my own husband a week ago about only needing a few of the basic items for this past week and not needing to go shopping, that made us both smile. (Of course, I found stock up prices and shopped.) This past summer, during our unemployment I was happy to have some stock up to live off of and I know this challenge will help me see what I am lacking in food storage right now. I will be the first person to say it is incomplete. That said I am taking on their challenge for the next four weeks. My husbands income varies week to week and his work has had some slow weeks so this is going to be helpful this month financially.

Crystal & Jessica encourage each of us to set our own goals and guidelines for this challenge and here are mine:

1- I am going to a grocery store only once a week, I will have to choose my store wisely.

2- I will spend no more than $30 each time, this one is scaring me but I think I can do it!

3- Make more foods, like bread, from scratch to help me meet my financial goal. Once a week make a 'double batch' of something to put in the freezer to be pulled out the next week for a quick meal.

4- We will eat out only once during the month, using coupons of course. Lunches will be packed!

5- Where will my savings go? Paying down debt :)

I am adding a disclaimer:
Should Morning Moo go on sale I am going to purchase 10 cans, I have been waiting months for it to go on sale. It is lower in lactose and saves me a ton of money over purchasing lactose free milk in the carton.
Any other great deals will have to fit into my above mentioned weekly budget.

I hope each of you will take on the challenge for yourselves, even if it is only for a week.

Here is a posting from Life as Mom entitled 'But, What If I Can't Refill My Pantry'. It has some good advice. I was feeling a bit anxious myself about letting the shelves get lower and she helped ease my concerns.

I will be posting recipes that help me stretch my budget with what I have on hand. I would love to hear if you are taking on the challenge and any recipes you have to help us all.

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