Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What I Learned at My Ridley's

I ran to get a few items from the PYP list that I previously blogged about. My Ridley's did not have all of the same sale items that the Orem store had.

Items I found not on sale:

* 3pk Jolly Time popcorn
* Ivory 3pk soap
* Yoplait Greek yogurt

There could be more, but those are items I was looking for.

Item's I bought:

* Yoplait yogurt, remember the first ten are the sale price.
* Tony's version of hot pocket, these were a screaming deal at $.60 each with your .50/2 SS-2/13 coupon.
* The $5/10 deals are great, I took advantage of this deal too.

I love that Ridley's tells you your total savings broken down into categories. Your frequent shopper savings, coupon savings, and enhanced promotions savings. Enhanced savings is like the $5/10 General Mills savings.

I spent $30.12 and my total savings was $43.43. I love when I save more than I spend!

***FYI, You can pre-order 40lb of chicken for $59 to be picked up starting 3/1. This is going to be a one week sale. The chicken becomes $1.48lb.

If you have a pressure cooker you can bottle the chicken to save on freezer space. You can read a previous post about bottling chicken HERE. My girlfriend just bottled her chicken breasts whole, not cut up like I have, and it turned out great and saved time!

Last month I made freezer meals and found a fabulous teriyaki chicken recipe. I will be doubling the sauce next time and I froze a combination of veggies to pull out at the same time to heat up with my chicken. Recipe is here.

Leave a comment if you have any good chicken freezer meals for us to try. Thanks!

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