Thursday, February 17, 2011

$2.99 for Two Chick Flicks

I hope you printed off your DVD coupons on Tuesday when I told you about them because they are no longer available. If you did here is what I paid for my DVDs.

Shopko has Ever After for $3.99 this week. Using my $3 off coupon from and I have myself a $0.99 movie! I got mine today = two happy girls at my house!

Walmart has 27 Dresses for $5 minus my $3 off coupon and I have a $2 chick flick.

Shopko has a good selection of $3.99 movies right now. These are the prices that people fight for DVD the day after Thanksgiving. Start your Christmas shopping right now or birthday gifts for the year. Walmart and Shopko had clearance tables and racks all over their stores today.

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