Monday, February 21, 2011

Money Tree

I was disappointed that there were no Smart Source coupons in Sundays paper, but then I found and decided to check out the Herald Journal Money Tree. On the back page of section C they offer a limited number of gift cards you can get for a discount, first come serve basis. The majority of the cards are for $25 and you pay only $17, that is a 32% discount. They did have one gift card for Anderson Seed, you pay $34 for a $50 gift card. With the spring planting around the corner I knew this would be a good one and would go quickly, but I gave it a shot.
73 min! later, of constant dialing, I heard ringing and a hello! It felt like I had just won the game!!! Of course the Anderson Seed card was the first one to go at 9am. That's okay, I got a $25 gift card for $17 that makes me happy.

The Money Tree savings is offered routinely, not sure when the next one is though, so if you call and don't get the ONE you want then there is always next time. There are a couple of rules; you can only purchase one gift card per phone call and only four gift cards per household. You pay for it over the phone and then you may pick it up on Wednesday afternoon at the Herald Journal.

These gift cards make great gifts or just a way to save on going out to eat with your friends and/or family. Make sure you have some time, but the savings is worth it. They still have more available today. If you don't receive the Sunday paper then call 752-8015 and ask what is still available.

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