Monday, February 7, 2011

Disney Movie Rewards

A couple of weeks ago I went through all of my DVDs to make sure that the correct movie was in the correct case. I'm sure you all of your movies are correctly put away, the little gremlin that causes DVD chaos only visits my house. Anyway, I was surprised to find Disney Reward codes still in some of my cases. I found 600 points to be added to my account!

A few months ago I turned in 500 points to receive a years subscription to the Disney Family Fun Magazine. It is a double winner at my house since my nine year old likes crafting as well as I do. In the past I have received movies and CDs with my points.

Never heard of the Disney Rewards Program? This is a great rewards program... especially if you have kiddos that love Disney movies. Basically every time you purchase a Disney DVD or go see a Disney movie at the movie theater you earn points. You find a code inside your DVD case that you will enter online and watch your points tally up. Once you've earned enough points, you can then redeem them for a reward! They have lots of different rewards available from electronics to toys, DVDs and more!

Signing up for your account is easy and free.

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