Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bountiful Baskets

This is my new favorite find. A produce co-op called Bountiful Baskets offers you produce at a great savings. You don't know what you will get but it's value will be more than twice the price you pay. This happens every other Saturday in various locations along the Wasatch front. The closest location to me, for now, is in Brigham City. Three friends and I went to pick ours up on 5/16, if you go early to volunteer you get an extra item, and we were all very pleased. This is what I got:
1- lettuce head
1 - spaghetti squash
1- honeydew melon
2- stalks/heads, whatever you call it, of broccoli
2- red bell peppers
2- cucumbers
5- tomatoes
5- red potatoes
12- bananas
5- mangoes
9- pears
8- oranges
9- green apples

We have been enjoying all of it and everything we've eaten has been fresh and ripe. We have definitely had a broader range of fruits and veggies! The next pick up date in Utah is Saturday, May 30th. I have the link posted to the right and on Tuesday, May 26th they will start taking orders for the 30th. There are a limited number of orders that they take at each location and they go fast so get your order in quick.
The link I have for you will take you directly to the co-op offerings page. If they are accepting orders then the will be a box that reads 'more information'. Click that button and it will give you options for your pick up site and what you want with your order. The basic basket is $15. That is all that I got this past time because I was unsure of the other offers. I was told by a frequent buyer that the bread is good and that the Asian or Italian offer is always good too. The extra offers change frequently and have an additional fee of $7.50 - $14.00. For first time purchasers there is a one time fee of $3.00 and there is always a $1.50 transaction fee. It is worth it.
Print your receipt that will show up after you have paid, this is your ticket to pick up your basket. You will also receive an email that you could print off as well. You will be told a pick up time. That time has a twenty minute window and if you do not show up before they clean up they will assume that you want to donate your basket of goods to the local fire house. Do bring a basket, box, or several bags to put your food into to transport home with you.
This service is run on a volunteer system. They arrive an hour before pick up time to start setting up. If you would like to volunteer your services show up 30 to 60 minutes early to help and you will be rewarded for your service. New pick up locations keep being added so check for the one closest to you.
P.S. This service started in Arizona so if you get on early and the only locations you can find are in Arizona just be patient and check back later for the Utah times and locations.

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