Saturday, May 30, 2009

Produce 'Iron Chef' Challenge

I picked up my Bountiful Basket today and a thought occurred to me to have a recipe challenge using the items from today's goods. I will tell you what I got today:
1- pineapple
1- cantaloupe
5- large apricots
6- fuji apples
7- mangoes
2- large avocados
3- tomatoes
7- ears of corn
1- head of lettuce
1- bunch of spinach
1- celery stalk
3- onions, they look and smell like a green onion but the bulb of it is much larger

I purchased the 'add on' of 8lbs of mangoes as well. They are so yummy. Squeeze some lime juice over the fresh mango and there's a party happening on your tongue!

So, back to the challenge. If you have ever seen Iron Chef on the Food Network then you already know that the chefs are given surprise food item that they use in cooking anything from appetizers to desserts. Tell us how you are using your produce in your families meals. I want to make sure we are fully enjoying our produce in a variety of ways other than just eating them fresh, which is a great way to enjoy them. Please email me at with your recipes and I will post them for everyone to enjoy.

I know that we will all win with this yummy challenge. I am personally trying a few new recipes tomorrow. I'll let you know what my family thinks.

P.S. If you did not get a basket today feel free to share your favorite recipes using these ingredients as well.

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  1. I made BLT's for dinner using the tomatoes, lettuce and avocado. We also cut up the pineapple and cantaloupe for sides. I made a yummy apple crisp using the last few green apples from the basket we got 2 weeks ago. So Yummy!!!!