Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Watching the Mail

I have seen a commercial that Smith's Rewards Vouchers are being sent out starting this week. Yeah! That will be fun money to spend. I will be keeping a better eye on the bonus point we can get for the next pay out.

I have also read that McDonald's has sent out coupons. I haven't seen them yet and even though we, in Cache Valley, got them last time who knows about this time.

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  1. Shiree-
    I received the McDonald's coupons and they are pretty good. I haven't received my rewards yet but I sure am anxious! I also saved TONS by using my LaVic Rewards- I payed 2.68 for about $30 worth! YAY!
    I am planning on coming Saturday but totally spaced ordering a basket. I hope it is okay if I just come without having ordered. Thanks!