Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Food Storage Basics

I want to purchase smarter and get the food storage that will be most beneficial for my family. Read The Prudent Homemaker to see what I am talking about. Her story on how she learned what is important to have and what is not is very good and make you think, click HERE to read it.

This month I want to get oil and powdered eggs. I will be sending in an order on Monday, Feb 22nd to Honeyville for the eggs. If you would like to order give me a call or send me an email at I will need your order and your money before the 22nd. Honeyville charges $4.49 to ship an order so we can just split that cost and we can get discounts with purchasing in bulk.

Powdered Whole Eggs $16.99
Each can contains 2.25 pounds of Pasteurized Powdered Whole Eggs.
6 to 23 - $15.29 ea.
24 to 59 - $14.61 ea.
60 to 1000 - $13.76

Have you ever eaten powdered eggs? I have and I was amazed at how good they were. My family was surprised to find out their scrambled eggs were powdered eggs and ate them up. There are so many recipes that need eggs in them. Imagine living on your food storage without eggs . . . it would greatly limit what you could prepare for your family.
I would like everyone's order by the 15th so that I will know the exact number of cans being purchased and what the final price per can and individual shipping will be, then I can tell you what your bill will be and you will have a few days to get the money to me. My goal is to be paying $14.61 per can, that means I need to have at least 24 cans going in on the order. Tell people you know and I will be taking a sign up list at my work as well. If ten people ordered 5 cans each the total would be $73.55 with shipping. You do not have to order 5 cans, if all you can get is one then that is a great place to start!

I will be pricing a variety of cooking oils, looking for sales to use with coupons, but I have a feeling that Sam's Club is going to have the best price. I will report back.

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