Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Kmart Reward Program

Join Shop Your Way Rewards
Easy. Free. Rewards.
Maybe you have already received your KMart Rewards card, but I haven't. I wanted to learn more about their program and this is what I have learned:

This is a customer loyalty card that keeps track of how much you spend at Kmart. You earn rewards based on your spending. You also have a chance to win random gift rewards on your receipts when you check out. One side benefit is that you can return items at Kmart and Sears without a receipt (as long as you swiped your card when the items were purchased).

Kmart is making shopping even more rewarding. Join the new Shop Your Way Rewards program and earn Unlimited Rewards. It's never been easier to get more out of every shopping trip. Join today and:

* Earn Rewards on all purchases you make at Sears, Kmart, Lands' End at Sears,, and
* Spend Rewards at participating stores or save them up for something special
* Earn bonus Rewards during exclusive promotions throughout the year
* Enjoy no-receipt-required returns on purchases at Kmart and Sears stores
* Get a chance to win great prizes with Kmart K'Ching Surprises at Kmart Stores
One of the bonus rewards this week is $3 Reward on Doritos, Fritos, Cheetos 01/31/10 to 02/06/10.

You also get a $10 gift card when you purchase 4 bags of Pieces candy. They are 2/$5, use the $1/1 SS 1/31 coupon. Purchase 4 bags for $6 with 4 $1 coupons and receive your $10 gift card.

Green Works Promotion: Buy ANY Green Works Natural Laundry Detergent – get ANY Green Works product FREE (up to $3.79). This promotion actually lasts until 2/8. Now let’s maximize with coupons!

* Buy one Green Works Laundry Detergent (around $8.99)
* Buy one Green Works product $3.79 or less
* Total is $12.78
* Use $3/1 coupon for the laundry detergent = $9.78
* Receive the second product free – $3.79 = Final is $5.99 for 2 products!

Kmart coupons on the front cover: Pepsi 2-liters .77, Oreo Cookies $1.77, Angel Soft 12 double rolls $4.49. You have to purchase $10 in food, household consumables, diapers, pet supplies, and health or beauty care in order to use these coupons.

If you purchase both of the above items (detergent and candy), your purchase will qualify to use this store coupons! Because they are store coupons – we can “stack” them with manufacturer’s coupons for an even better deal! Currently, the only item that also has a manufacturer’s coupon is the Angel Soft!

* Buy $10 worth of items from the above listed categories
* Buy 1 Angel Soft 12-double roll toilet paper sale for $5.49.
* Then use in-ad store coupon for $1/1 = $4.49
* Then use $1/1 printable = final is $3.49!
Thanks The Thrifty Couple.

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