Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bountiful Baskets Ordering Update

I was as surprised as the rest of you when this weeks order was switched to Monday instead of Tuesday. I emailed Sally and &Tanya to ask if this was going to be a permanent change, this is the email I just got back:

We changed the website time for Utah & Idaho to Monday at noon to Tuesday at 10 pm. Sorry for the inconvenience. We needed to do this to keep the website stable. We did send an email out about the change to try to minimize the affect. We shouldn’t need to make any changes like this to the timeline in the foreseeable future, so this shouldn’t happen again.


Sally & Tanya

Now we know to check on Monday from now on. There may be delivery time changes coming soon, they have added so many new sites. This week will be just as you read when you ordered. I will post any changes as soon as I receive information on it.

I love my Bountiful Basket and how it helps me feed my family nutritious meals.

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