Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ridley's Market

Ridley's Market will be having a case lot sale beginning March 2nd. Perhaps I will stop in there tomorrow and ask if I can get a sneak peak to post, hmmm good thought! What I do know is that they are having a meat bundle sale March 2nd thru 8th.

Here is what you can get:
10lb box IQF boneless skinless chicken breast $15.95 box ($1.60lb)
20lb box IQF fryer thighs & drums $13.89 box ($.70 lb)
40lb box fresh boneless skinless chicken breast $62.00 ($1.55lb)
50lb meat bundle $79.95 ($1.60)

Meat Bundle:
5lb ground beef chub
2- 5lb Top Round boneless roast
5lb petite sirlion steak
5- 1lb Falls brand sausage rolls
5lb pkg assorted pork chops
20lbs IQF fryer thighs & drums

I plan to get chicken for the freezer and to bottle. I love having some bottled for quick meal prep. Read more about how to bottle your chicken HERE.

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