Friday, February 5, 2010

Sick Day

My daughter is very sick today, I has been building up but today is the bad day. I would like to express my absolute distaste for viruses. Why can't every sickness be bacterial so that we can take the magic antibiotic and get better? I know it's foolish to even say, but you know what I mean.
I have been so grateful this past month that I stocked up on a variety of over the counter medicines in December as I found good deals. Have you every woke up and found someone sick in your house and your out of the medicine that will ease their pain? Have you purchased a variety of 'sick needs' and felt your wallet getting drastically lighter? It can be an expensive trip to the store to purchase everything at full price.
Although I do have a good variety and supply, we did need throat spray and Acetaminophen to alternate with the Ibuprofen to help keep the fever down and some popsicles to further ease the throat pain. Chicken noodle & tomato soup are on hand as well as hot chocolate, jello, pudding, & yogurt.
Why am I telling you this? To remind everyone that food storage is about more than edible items. I would hate to tell a child, at a hard time, that they are going without because Mom didn't think about having some basic medicines on hand. As well as those comfort items like; soft tissues for the nose, rubbing alcohol, band aids . . . you get my drift.
So keep you eyes open for those non-food items on sale that we all need in our homes.

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