Thursday, February 11, 2010

P&G Year of Savings Coupon Booklet Offer!

Utah Deal Diva has the following post on her site and I wanted to share it with you. She has a lot of useful information for those of us in Utah. If you do not live in Cache Valley and have easy access to stores that are not in Cache Valley, like Target, Rite Aid, CVS, and many others, you may want to check her site regularly because I do not post anything that is no available to us in Cache Valley.
Here it is:

Today in the mail I received a coupon booklet with over $20 worth of P&G coupons! If you're not already a member of P&G Everyday Solutions, you can go HERE to sign up. They'll send you free samples, coupons and periodically, this great little coupon booklet like the one I received today!

Also in the booklet was an advertisement for the new P&G Year of Savings booklet! I participated in this last year and really enjoyed the $100 in high value coupons that came. Here's what you have to do:

1. Purchase $50 worth of P&G products between 2/1/2010 and 4/15/2010. {Go HERE to see the full list of participating products.} It says right on the form that this $50 is BEFORE tax and coupons!!
2. Circle the P&G products on your original receipts. {You can have more than one receipt!}
3. Mail the form and your original receipts to: P&G Year of Savings, Dept. M, P.O. Box 460643, El Paso, TX 88546-0643.
4. Wait 6-8 weeks for your coupon booklet to arrive. Enjoy!

The rebate form is available here. There will be a P&G insert in the 2/21 Sunday paper that will also include the rebate form! You can also call 1-877-769-8793 to hear the details of the rebate offer.

Thank you Utah Deal Diva.

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