Monday, February 22, 2010

Honeyville Order - Great News

The Honeyville order day is here. As luck would have it we are getting a break on price! I just learned, from A Thrifty Mom, that Honeyville farms has a new 10% off code PRESIDENT thru Feb 23th 6pm PST. Plus right now the case of whole dried eggs is on sale $10 off for $79.99. This is a great deal for #10 cans of powdered eggs. Their shipping is only $4.49 for your whole order anywhere in the US. That means instead of $15.75 per can they will be $13.60 with shipping per can! I had no idea they would have this deal, it was just the timing that worked with my budget. Funny how we get those blessings. The eggs have a closed shelf life of 5-10yrs and have an open shelf life of 12 months.

If you would like to order anything else from Honeyville with this discount just let me know and I can add it onto your order. Remember I do need your money before I can order. I will extend until tomorrow, since the discount works through 2/23 @ 6pm, to give you time to browse Honeyvilles website to see if you do want to order anything else. I will deliver your order to your house. If you have already given me your check for the $15.75 price per can then I will give you your change! Thanks for the orders, it is so nice to share the shipping and get a bulk buying discount.
What good news for a Monday!

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