Monday, February 1, 2010

Games as low as $.24 at Walmart

I saw a posting on A Thrifty Mom about these same games at Target for a great deal. I am always hesitant to copy postings without checking on the prices in our valley. We don't have a Target so I wanted to check Walmart's prices to see if it was true. It is!

Scrabble Slam Card $5.24

* Use $4/1 Scrabble game printable
* Final cost $1.24

Pickureka Card Game $5.24

* Use $5/1 Pickureka Game printable
* Final cost $.24!

Monopoly Card Game $5.24

* Use $4/1 Monopoly game printable
* Final cost $1.24

I only printed off a Scrabble game coupon to take with me to the store. I will be printing the others and getting some games to have gifts on hand. has many other game/toy coupons for this month as well. You can print two of each of each computer that you have.


  1. I printed these coupons this morning to use on the card games! I am so excited. Valentine's gifts for the kids AND b-day gifts to have on hand for less than one of the games!

  2. I seriously love these! We are such game players but never get new ones because they cost so much! I printed all of these twice, plus the scrabble deluxe and a few baby toy ones...they always make great gifts.
    Also, because of your La Victoria Rewards post a while back, I EARNED $4 on 8 jars of I saved 94% on my bill at Smiths! The guy behind me was dying- $35 worth of groceries for $2.68 THANKS! PS- I will be there Saturday morning :)

  3. Ashley that is so great! I love hearing the savings stories from everyone.