Tuesday, June 2, 2009

US BANK OFFER {$75 in FREE Groceries}

I just found this on the Krazy Koupon Lady's site. I called the US Bank inside of Logan's Smiths store and talked to Jared. He informed me that in our area you will do your shopping at Smith's instead of Albertson's. You can spend your $75 at the gas station located in front of the Smith's store. You do need to keep this account valid for at least six months or you will be charged the $75 that you received.

A few months ago, US Bank was running this same promo- and my husband was skeptical so we didn't do it, but Joanie did it- and she received her money!!

Open a Free Checking Account with US Bank-
And Receive $75 in FREE Groceries!!!

1. Open a new free checking account before June 5 and deposit at least $50 into the account

2. Use your new U.S. Bank Visa Check Card (debit card) to buy up to $75 in non-PIN based purchases within 30 days of the new checking account opening. You can make multiple transactions.

3. Bring the receipt(s) into the branch where you opened the account by July 5. Your account will be credited the amount of your receipt(s).

4. One offer per household. You can't take advantage of this deal if you've received other U.S. Bank bonus offers in the past 6 months or if you have an existing U.S. Bank checking account.

5. Offer is Valid at Any US Bank Branch that is located in a Smith's.

FYI- They don't check your receipts- and you can make it real easy by just buying a Smith's Gift Card for $75 (or Pottery Barn, or Ann Taylor Loft.... I think I am on to something there... then the husband is none the wiser!!)

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  1. Such a cool blog...I love it!! I loved the pic of all the girls that you posted for the class night...I call I get to be the blonde girl in the pink shirt!!! Thanks so much for spending so much time so that we can see all of the great deals that you find!! You are awesome!! Good luck with Tim finding a job, stinky things sure happen when you are least expecting it!!
    thanks again!!