Thursday, June 11, 2009

New Counterfeit Coupons!


Remember when I got all ranty about counterfeit coupons? Well, thanks to Mercedes for the heads-up that 4 new ones have been found as of yesterday and are making the rounds. If anyone forwards these to you, posts a link to them on another site or you see these for sale on eBay…DO NOT USE THEM!

Using them constitutes fraud and it is a prosecutable offense. Counterfeit coupons have become such a big problem (most likely because of the bad economy) that it is just a matter of time before stores decide to do more than just refuse to accept them!

The newest coupons discovered are:

Coca-Cola free 12-pack

Free package of Energizer Batteries

Free Kozy Shack Product

Free Riceworks product

To see the complete list of known counterfeit coupons in circulation, click here. Some of these pop up every few months, then word gets out that they are back and they disappear…only to resurface again! The expiration dates may change, but the fact that they are counterfeits do not!

By Mindi Cherry • June 11, 2009

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