Thursday, August 6, 2009

Can a family of 4 survive a week on $100 in groceries?

On the above title caught my eye so I read the story. It was interesting to read and I think everyone is tightening their budget these days in one way or another. $100 seems like a good number, I would have to use my coupons though, to feed my family of four. I was going to take the All You Challenge but somewhere in there system is my lost registration and no one responded back to me about the matter the first week. Oh well. You can read the story here.
I think that tasty, nutritious, cost friendly meals are the ticket to keeping within a budget. It would be fun if you email me,, or leave a comment with your families favorite, budget stretching meal recipes to help the rest of us. These recipes can be for any meal, snack, or dessert. I would love recipes that include some of the great items growing in our gardens right now too.

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