Saturday, August 22, 2009


I have heard that Morning Moo brand of powdered milk taste good and I even have some in my food storage but I have never tried it before today. I made the chocolate milk last night so that it would be cold this morning. It tastes great! Creamy, chocolaty goodness. I live with two of the pickiest people in the world and they love it, in fact my eighteen year old son told me to only buy this kind of chocolate milk from now on. That says a lot!

Right now the 5lb cans are on sale for $6.99 at Macey's until 8/25. Each can makes five gallons, that is $1.40 per gallon of chocolate milk! I am assuming the white milk is just as tasty.

I went on Morning Moo's website and found this great info:

Less Stomach Upset and Allergy Symptoms!

Morning Moo's ® Alternate is your answer. Why? Because Morning Moo's ® Milk Alternate contains 50% less lactose when compared to regular cows milk. With Morning Moo's ® Milk Alternate, many children and adults unable to tolerate milk products may find themselves eating and drinking foods they have not enjoyed before or found upsetting to their stomach. Watch your child smile when they can eat homemade ice cream made from Morning Moo's ® .

My eight year old and I are lactose intolerant so this is great news. I hadn't read this before I drank mine and I took a pill to drink mine. My daughter is less intolerant than I am and she isn't suffering any side effects and it is past the amount of time that a stomach ache occurs! A half gallon of lactose free milk is anywhere form $2-$4. That is a huge savings for us!

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