Saturday, March 20, 2010

Fresh Produce Storage

I just came across a chart on the Bountiful Baskets site that tells you the best way to store your fresh produce and how long it will last. Check it out.

Salt Lake Tribune has a story about Bountiful Baskets in Utah HERE.

Are you on Facebook? Bountiful Baskets has a Facebook and it is loaded with recipes, previews, and they ask questions like if we would like cases of berries, like raspberries, if they were $20- $24. You then have an opportunity to give your feed back which helps them know what we are wanting. Overwhelmingly people do want them to order the flats of berries. I would love to freeze and make jam!
Go to Facebook and do a search for Bountiful Baskets and then request to be a friend. There is also a Cache Valley Bountiful Baskets on Facebook too.

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