Monday, August 10, 2009

Hot New Printables: Welch’s, Huggies, and more!

So many coupons being added to!

The newest ones are:

Welch’s Jelly: $.75 off (if your store doubles coupons, this could ake for free-to-super-cheap jelly!)

Huggies Diapers: $1.50 off

Huggies Pure & Natural: $3 off

Steaz Organic Beverage: BOGO

Scotchguard: $1 off

Lactaid products: $1 off

Several Bayer coupons

I noticed that in yesterdays coupons there are many items that seem to be gearing up for the box top sales that we have all seen in the past. At there are many of these items as well, the Betty Crocker items for example, so print them up and be ready for the big sale that I am sure will be happening any week now.

Click here to get them!

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