Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Order Your Basket

Bountiful Baskets orders are today and tomorrow by 10pm. Here is a list of the extras:

$ 10 - Add Holiday Hostess Pack (Baby carrots, chestnuts, grape tomatoes, green beans, romaine salad pack, yams, yellow corn, yellow onion)

$12 - Add Citrus Pack (22 lbs., includes a 5 lb bag of Clementine tangerines, grapefruit, lemons, limes, navel oranges)

$10 - Add 2 dessert loaves, one gingerbread cake and one cranberry orange cake (No Corn Syrup, No Hydrogenated Oils)

$10 - Add 9-Grain Sandwich Bread - 5 Pack

$10 - Add Italian olive oil round loaf - 5 pack

$10.50 - Add Honey Wheat with Cranberries Round Loaf - 3 pack

I got the hostess pack just before Thanksgiving and it was a great value, like everything else from Bountiful Baskets. The citrus pack is an amazing value, $.55lb! Make Christmas gift baskets from your box of citrus.

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