Monday, December 28, 2009

End of Year Coupons, First of Year Goals

Today I am going through my coupons, many expire on 12/31. I am double checking to see if there is anything that is expiring that I will need in the near future. I will be checking with Pinching Your Pennies to maximize my savings. I will report back on what I have found.

I also want to challenge all of you out there to set some goals for the New Year. Typically I hate New Years resolutions, mainly because I loose focus and don't follow through, but I am committed to success this year. One of my favorite blogs to follow is Couponing to Disney. I think it is because I am in awe of her ability through couponing to have saved enough money to take her family on a trip this upcoming spring to Disneyland. I will be posting more on how she did it this week along with the goals I set. The short of it is that she has a separate account which she puts all of her rebates and that money has a total right now of $2000, in less than a years time.
I am thinking that some of us might want a vacation fund but others may just want to use that money for food storage, paying off a debt, or purchasing furniture, cars, appliances. Whatever your need is I am going to get all of the details and share them so that we can all succeed at this goal.
Put a few days thought into your goal and be ready to take action!

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