Monday, December 28, 2009

New Tips

Here are some of the posts I have been reading on Couponing to Disney. I won't lie, it is going to be a part-time job to save with coupons, rebates, e-mailing companies, and filling out surveys but I think it will pay off.

One Cheap Chick
, Lesley Mitchell from the Salt Lake Tribune recently had an article about Couponing to Disney's tips. She put them into action and HERE is her success story.

In response to being featured in the Salt Lake Tribune Kristin, author of Couponing to Disney blog, made a posting just to say welcome to her new Utah readers. READ IT HERE.

Don't miss Kristin's 5 a Day Mail Campaign

How she earns money through surveys.

At work a lady asked me how much time I spent on cutting my coupons and organizing my shopping trip that I had been bragging about. I told her that I might have spent 2 hours, with my shopping time included, and I had saved over $100. That was about $80 more than I make in 2 hours at work. I would say that it paid off.
A lady in line behind me at Wal-mart asked me if she had heard correctly when my grocery bill went from $90 down to $42. When I told her she heard the amounts correctly she said that she was sold. I gave her my blog site, I didn't mention that I ran it, and told her that couponing was making it possible for my family to afford our needs.
Every now and then, like today, I will spend extra time cleaning out my coupon folder and organizing a bit. I did find several coupons that are expiring in a few days that I would have been kicking myself for missing out on, so once again the time is worth it.

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