Monday, December 21, 2009

High Value Craisins Coupon in the Parade Magazine!

I know I've mentioned this to some of you before, but I didn't put my five newspapers on vacation holds. Even though we didn't get any coupon inserts yesterday, there was a high value coupon on page 29 of the Parade magazine!
The coupon is a BOGO coupon, good for one FREE package of the new Craisins 100-calorie, 6-count packs, valid up to $3, when you buy a 6-oz package of Craisins. Expires 2/28/2010. I will be watching to team this up with a sale and I will let you all know. If you need them now, use one and then hold on to the rest.

No coupon inserts this week and I still managed to more than pay for my 5 papers!

There were other good coupons in the paper as well, $20 off $100 at Famous Footwear & 50% off any item at Michaels. I need to get some craft items so I was happy to see that coupon.


  1. Wow- this post sure looks familiar. I would appreciate credit with a link back if you're going to post my content- picture, and text! I work hard on my blog and it's frustrating to see others using my blog posts as theirs! Thanks! --Jessica

  2. Sorry! I do try to give credit to those I get info from. I was trying to get some info out there fast and didn't give you the proper credit. I receive nothing from sponsors or any financial gain from this blog I didn't think I was hurting anyone.