Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Shop till you drop on Cyber Monday

In the Herald Journal today there is an article on C1 about Cyber Monday, written by Miranda Marquit, with several helpful tips I want to share with you. The older I get the less I like shopping in crowds of people.
What is Cyber Monday? Many online retailers offer deals on the Monday after 'Black Friday'. You can visit to get a list of the offers and promos that are available.
Use a site like to get codes to save even more money. Miranda says that you can sign up for the emails of your favorite retailers because many will send out Cyber Monday promos just to their subscribers.
Helpful hints from the article:
1- Many stores start their deals as midnight Eastern time which is 10pm here.

2- Divide and conquer by sending family members or friends to different online outlets while you get their items form the stores you are shopping.

3-Research before Cyber Monday and bookmark the sites to get there quicker.

4-Cyber Monday is also a big day for hackers and identity thieves. Protect yourself by making sure your security suite is up to date. Avoid following links from your email, this can be a phishing scam to get your personal payment information. Instead, type in the URL in the browser's address bar and go directly to the store's site. Exit your accounts completely and print out confirmation pages of your purchases, and then record them. A few days later check your account to insure that something extra hasn't been purchased.

5- Make sure you understand the return policies before you click "accept".

Hopefully this will help protect you with your online purchase deals!

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