Thursday, July 30, 2009

It's Target Toy Clearance time!

This info is all over the internet. I got these prices from Pinching Your Pennies. If your traveling to Target for any back to school shopping maybe you can stroll past toys as well.

Check your Target stores! Most clearance toys will be marked down to 75% off the regular price today. They go fast, so hurry!

Some examples:
Cabbage Patch dolls $6.24
Leapster system $12.48
Leapfrog Didg system $17.XX
Leapster games $6.24
Cinderella Barbie $3.24
Baby Alive $6.XX
Thomas Suspension Bridge-$12
Geotrax train $12.XX
Lego Crane set-$12
Thomas light and sound train $2.48
Geotrax sets $6-$12
Imaginex Dinos $4
Boggle $3
Dominoes, chess checkers-$3
Science magic kits - circuit boards etc... $5
Tonka wheel ride ons $9
Lego Bionicle- big ships etc $12 reg $60
Twin talking babies-$9

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