Monday, April 5, 2010

Basket Update.

If you have tried to order your basket and have noticed that it still is offering the Easter packs for extras and scratched your head like I did, then you are correct, it is incorrect. They need everyone to get off for a bit and they will have the new items on the site as soon as they can. Thanks

I just received this email from Sally & Tanya:


It has come to our attention that the website has the incorrect add on items. Because the traffic is so heavy we cannot get it fixed.

We will fix this as soon as possible, but if you hold off to participate until we do experience tells us your site will probably fill up.

In the mean time here is how we are handling this:

Honey whole wheat bread will be offered
Strawberries will be 12# in pints!
Mangoes will be available until we fix the website

The Easter Items will not be fulfilled, but will be refunded. PLEASE DO NOT ORDER THEM!

We’ll offer the Italian Pack, Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Granola again next cycle so that you have an opportunity to receive those.

Sally & Tanya

P.S. Extra good news is we should be on a different "trouble free" website that doesn't have issues in the next 3 weeks.

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