Monday, October 5, 2009

The Visions of Ransom Lake

Every month Marcia has a one of her books on sale. The last time I really wanted to take advantage of this I decided I would wait until later in the month before I would order my copy of "Fragrance of Her Name', which is one of my top 5 Marcia books. Much to my disappointment by the middle of the month they had sold out of the discounted price book.
I will not make that mistake twice. The Visions of Ransom Lake is also in my top 5 and it is this months discounted book. I just ordered my copy, yeah! You can check out the site and order your copy here. If you want something to read before the book can be sent to you then you have a couple of choices. One, you can sign up to receive Marcia's monthly newsletter and receive 'The Rogue Knight', also in my top 5. Two, you can order one of her ebooks. I have read Kissing Cousins & The Light of the Lovers' Moon and enjoyed both of them. I read Sweet Cherry Ray and I don't remember not liking it but Indebted Deliverance was not one of my favorites. I still haven't read Kiss in the Dark because I am in the middle of two series books and I will just read Kiss in the Dark instead of what I have already started so I am waiting until I have these other series done.

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