Monday, April 18, 2011

Everyday Food Storage Recipes

Whenever I need a fresh idea or learn how to use my food storage items I just go visit Let's face it, grocery prices are continually on the rise. I have recently tried a few new recipes and want to share them with you. In the past I have shared my success with homemade bread from a recipe I found on this site, read about it here.

She had a posting, connected with a powdered eggs search, on how to shape the perfect roll. I tried the recipe she offered as well and they were a complete hit at my house. They do take some rising time and forethought, totally worth it! You can watch her technique for shaping the rolls and get the recipe here.

I also made her baked omelet. It was easy and I had everyone's food hot at the same time, as opposed to cooking one at a time and not having everyone eat at the same time. I could taste the flour in the finished product. I think that next time I will be adding green onions, cooked crumbled sausage, chilies, or something else to cover the flour taste. Breakfast works out well for my family to have a meal together, most mornings, so I like to have a few hot meals each week. Cold cereal is so expensive and most leave you hungry within an hour. I do love the ease of cold cereal though.

I made her Sour Cream Apple Pie today. I did use my dehydrated apples and I made mine an apple crisp instead of pie(no crust, easier!). It was yummy! In fact it was my dinner, I don't feel guilty because I ate carrots as well. ;)
Watch your baking time, I think I will bake it 5 minutes less next time.

I have a few more recipes that I will be trying this week. What are your favorite recipes that use basic food storage items?

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