Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Free Movie Passes

My husband, daughter, and I needed to get out and do something away from home last Friday night. We decided to go see RANGO at Stadium 8 in Providence.
We all know that movie theater treats are not cheap, but we splurged and purchased the large popcorn combo deal. You get two large drinks, a large popcorn, and a candy treat of our choice. What I didn't know was that they were running a special contest in which if you find a shamrock sticker on the bottom of your popcorn bucket then you win two movie passes. The girls seemed a bit enthusiastic about this contest so I picked up my popcorn bucket to look on the bottom. I was SHOCKED, to say the least, when I found a shamrock sticker on MY popcorn bucket. Two movies passes were given to us from the manager with a big smile on her face. I realize we didn't win anything enormous, but we WON!

P.S. This is my personal opinion, but I wouldn't waste money on seeing RANGO in the theater and I will not be buying or watching it again. They hired brilliant marketers for this movie.

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